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Drainage Bedfordshire

Drains and effective drainage are undoubtedly some of the most important aspects of a property, which means it is very obvious when there is a problem with them.

When a problem does develop, it is usually a very unpleasant experience for everyone involved, including surrounding neighbours. The team here at Bedfordshire County Drain Care are dedicated to providing effective solutions to a wide range of problems involving drains. We bring a sense of pride with us to every job, along with a courteous service to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

We offer complete drainage solutions that will meet all of your needs and convince you that there we are the only team you need. Services include elements such as:

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CCTV Surveys

The utilisation of CCTV technology in drainage services is one of the most effective and time saving methods available. These modern devices are extremely effective when it comes to locating and ascertaining the nature of the drainage problem. Our team employs this technique to great effect in order to detect and diagnose the problem, which can range from blockages to cracks and damage, as well as Limescale, etc. No matter what the problem is, our team will locate it and use the most suitable solution to rectify the issue.

Drain Relining

No matter how strong or durable the drainage system is, over time it will decay and degrade simply due to natural wear and tear. This will inevitably cause a drop in efficiency within the drainage system itself. Fortunately, our team are available to offer a solution that can not only restore the functionality of the drain, but also improve its overall performance. The silicate resin is applied and installed using the blowing method, which is very safe and minimises the impact on our team and the surrounding residents.

Pitch Fibre Drains

Almost exclusively found in old properties, this type of drainage is susceptible to problems that aren’t found in other types. This type of drainage was phased out of the construction industry some years ago, which is why modern properties won’t suffer from these issues.

Delamination is common among pitch fibre drains and it will degrade the performance of the system as a whole. Additionally, ovalling is caused by the pressure of the ground weighing down on the drain. The deformation increases the likelihood of issues occurring.

Using cured-in-place pipes, we can restore the original shape of the pipe and eliminate the negative effects of the delamination in a fast and efficient way. The addition of the pipe will also strengthen the system as a whole.

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Blocked Drains

Different causes of a blockage will require different solutions. We can either apply the jetting process or rodding, depending on the scenario. We will always use the most suitable solution for the situation, which will speed up the process and yield the best results.

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