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Drainage Northamptonshire

Having an effective drainage system is a crucial part of any property and the importance of maintaining it and dealing with problems quickly and effectively cannot be understated.

The unpleasantness of a drainage system that is blocked, or otherwise not functioning, affects everyone nearby and can be quite serious. In light of this, Northamptonshire County Drain Care is motivated to providing exceptional Northamptonshire drainage services that outshine all others in every way.

Our complete drainage services are the ideal solution to any scenario, and our dedicated nature means we always meet our clients’ needs. Our drainage solutions include:

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CCTV Surveys

CCTV surveys are one of the most modern and up to date methods of drain inspection, and are very effective at locating and determining the type of problem present. Using this technique, we can fully inspect the drainage system with ease and in complete safety. Within this safety, we are able to diagnose and ascertain the severity of a range of problems, which can include; blockages, cracks, damage, limescale, and more.

Being able to do this means that we can implement the most effective solution to the problem at hand to restore the capacity and function of your drainage system.

Drain Relining

Even with the most sturdy materials and systems, drainage will suffer naturally occurring wear and tear. This will negatively affect the performance of the drain and reduce the maximum capacity of the system, which can lead to severe problems down the line. Here at Northamptonshire Country Drain Care, we can provide rapid and effective drain relining, which uses silicate resin to restore the inside surface of the pipes.

This restoration will not only make sure the pipe is back to its original performance level, but can actually improve the performance too.

The resin is applied using the blowing method, which allows our team to install it in a safe manner that minimises the impact on our staff and nearby residents – that’s good news for everyone. The silicate is extremely weather resistant and will last a long time, so let our team know if you think your drainage system needs relining today.

Pitch Fibre Drains

If you have a modern home or property, then this will most likely not be applicable to you. Pitch fibre drains are only found in older properties, because their usage was phased out some years ago for more favourable methods. They suffer from problems such as delamination (this is where the layers of the material come apart) and ovalling (the weight of the ground above crushes the round pipe into an oval shape).

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Blocked Drains

Whether a block is partial or complete, our jetting and rodding solutions can remove the blockage and have the drain back to complete functionality in now time so you don’t have to experience the long term hassle of blocked drains.

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