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Drainage Somerset

Everyone knows that blocked drains can cause a range of unpleasant and disruptive problems.

From foul odours and slow draining water to minor flooding, problems with your drainage in Somerset are inconvenient and unwanted.

This is why at Somerset County Drain Care, we believe in regular maintenance to your drainage systems to ensure efficient running and save on costly repairs. Our qualified team deliver a high-quality service using the latest technology.

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CCTV Surveys

When it comes to identifying problems with your system, it isn’t always easy to do so, especially before advances in technology. Now, with our CCTV Surveys service, we can gain a closer look at your system to better identify the problem and best way to rectify it.

Allowing us to view inside your system, CCTV can identify cracks, limescale, and blockages. With this method, once we have pinpointed the exact problem, we can come up with the best way to fix it. This advance in technology makes it easier to have your system regularly maintained than it was in the past.

Drain Relining

A reliable and cost-effective method to ensure your drains continue to work efficiently is drain relining. Involving installing a resin lining into the original piping to bond with the inside, this method repairs your pipes with minimal disruption.

Rather than replacing damaged pipes, we essentially create a new pipe inside the old one, which maintains the integrity of the system. It’s less intrusive than replacing sections of pipe that have been damaged by cracking, opened joints or wear and tear.

Pitch Fibre Drains

While the installation of pitch fibre drains hasn’t been permitted for 30 years, older drainage systems may still have them. The lifespan of pitch fibre drains is generally only 40 years due to delamination.

Delamination of your system can take a long time but increases when high temperatures or chemicals are used. Once delaminated, a deformation could quickly develop in your pipes. One such deformation is ovalling, where the ground above causes the pipe to flatten. Delamination could also lead to cracked or leaking pipes and will be costly to repair. We recommend having these pitch fibre drains relined to slow down the delamination process.

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Blocked Drains

There are many causes of blocked drains, but the results are always unpleasant for everyone involved. Household drains can become blocked by food, hair, grease, and fat and if you don’t check for blockages regularly, you could end up with foul odours and slow draining water.

Regular maintenance on your drainage in Somerset is essential for a system that continues to work efficiently and requires fewer repairs in the long run. At Somerset County Drain Care, we have a qualified team that aim to be with you quickly and will deal with your blocked drains efficiently with little disruption.

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